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12 minutes of announcements? What!?

On a call with a potential new client, the pastor told me a consultant mentioned to them that 12-14 minutes on announcements was too much.

There are numerous ways to do shorten announcements of course, but change is hard for people. What are some good guidelines to follow? Here are some ideas.

First, prioritize, according to how many people you are trying to reach. Use your announcement time to reach the broadest spectrum of your congregation as possible. If your total congregation is 250 people, and the women’s prayer meeting on Thursday morning draws 6 people, it is probably not the best use of time to spend two minutes telling everyone about it. If that group grows to half the women in the church, well, that’s another story. On the other hand, an all-church prayer meeting? Well, everyone needs to know about it.

Second, someone on staff has to limit the number of events you announce. We suggest two to three each week, but no more than five. Our attention spans are shorter now than ever before. Some advertisers are experimenting with commercials that are just seven seconds long. Many of the churches we serve only announce two events each week. It helps keep the congregation and staff focused and present.

Next, announce in reverse order. Announce the event that’s furthest out on the calendar first, as a reminder. Then announce the event that takes place this week, or has its last sign-up date this week, last. It will automatically add emphasis because it’s the last announcement people will hear.

Finally, be clear and concise, it’s about the information. Edit your script down to the necessary information. When you ramble, your congregation will get their smart phone out, and you will lose their attention.

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