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We understand you need video announcements that is clear, concise and professionally produced. Pro-nounce® can deliver that for your church beginning this week! Give us your information by Monday and your video announcements are ready by Thursday. Simple as that. Your worries are over!

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Why you need video announcements

  • Your video announcements are too long in a service. A weekly video gets the information to the congregation succinctly.
  • Live announcements can have inaccurate info, strange as that sounds, with presenters often asking people in the crowd for the correct information. Video announcements are always corrected before production begins.
  • You need to look excellent within your services. Live presentations can look amateurish take too long and try to be funny when what people want is good information. Now your video announcements will have professional actors in an excellent format that portrays your church in a professional manner.
  • Video announcements use visual elements along with the presentation to impact the viewers to remember the event. Bulletins and live presenters need visual support.
  • You need media without the cost of hiring a media team and buying professional equipment. Using a third-party like pro-nounce® saves you money each week.
  • If you have a media team, use their time more effectively to produce testimonials, mission updates, community and/or offering videos. We will save them several hours each week.
  • Consistency is key. Using volunteers means you are bound to their schedule and their life plans, as in they could take a job elsewhere or leave for another reason. Using pro-nounce® means you will not miss weeks of announcements due to vacations, schedules or sickness.
  • You want to better plan your services. By Thursday morning, you will know how long your announcements will be for that weekend, enabling you to know how to best structure your Sunday services.
  • You want to have more social media posts. Your announcements are easily uploaded to all your social media channels, enabling everyone to find out what’s happening at the church.
  • You need to be more consistent between services and/or campuses. A video keeps consistency and accuracy to a high level.

How It Works


we write the script

Simply log in to My pro-nounce® and fill out your weekly video announcement form.

This form enables you to submit your event details to our team so that we can produce your announcement exactly like you want it. On Monday evening, our talented writers craft a custom script for your church, ready to go for Tuesday.


we shoot the video

We record your video announcements in HD from our state-of-the-art recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee, using one of our experienced actors.


we edit the video

We edit your video announcements, adding any graphics and/or videos you may have provided.


we send it to you

We deliver your announcements electronically to you.

The announcements are yours to use as you please: weekend services, web, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Have questions? Please view our FAQ page.