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You need to increase your use of media within your service, but you don’t have the money for staff, equipment, or talent. You don’t know where to even begin. We do. We have an efficient, cost-effective system to produce your weekly announcements in HD video. This will give you an entrance into using media weekly within your church service and alleviate one of your Sunday headaches, the weekly announcements. You simply give us your top announcements on Monday, and on Thursday you get it back electronically.
Pro-nounce® was founded by two people who understand church communication and marketing. With over a half of century of knowledge in marketing and video production for local ministries, our founders Michael Valletta and Eric Moore know what it takes to make your church look great. Every staff member of pro-nounce® has been on staff at local ministries around the country, from mega-churches to start-ups. They understand what a pastor needs better than any other company, because our lives have been dedicated to the local church body. We are focused on helping the local church communicate their message to their people in a clear and concise manner. They also want to make the dreaded weekly task of video announcements easier than ever before. The goal is simple: produce a consistently great, high-quality video each week so that by Thursday, your local church is completely ready for the weekend, for a budget-friendly price.
Yes, you really get it back on Thursday. We script on Monday, shoot on Tuesday, edit on Wednesday, and deliver on Thursday.
On weeks a National holiday falls on Monday, the production process is delayed by a day, and your announcements will be delivered on Friday.
While we take great strides to not have any mistakes, there could be a week when production isn't 100% perfect. That is why you receive your video on Thursday, to review your video. For any errors we make, like spelling and graphics errors, we correct for FREE. However, if your submission includes inaccuracies that were due to your submission (wrong dates/times, misspelled names/places/events,etc.), you have a couple of options. If it's something that our editors can fix to your approval without a new recording of the presenter, there may be a $75 charge at our discretion. If however, we need to re-record and re-edit your announcement, the charge would be equal to your normal weekly fee.
Your first Week is FREE with no obligations. After that we start building a relationship with you to understand your preferred style for attire, actors, graphics, music, etc. Our desire is that you put your specific style in to the process. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as the first few weeks unfold and your congregation embraces video announcements. Most of the changes are from week 1 to week 2, and most of the time just minor adjustments. Taking out the approval process is the biggest reason why you have your announcements on Thursday.
Pro-nounce® prides itself in being correct each and every week. We need your help to phonetically spell difficult/unusual names & places. If our team has questions, we will be in touch with your office by Monday evening. We will not stop production on your announcement; however, if you don't submit the phonetically correct way to say a name/place/event title, and you want it corrected later in the week, that would be a re-record and re-edit at your expense.
We use professional actors who are believers. When you sign up, we will discuss what type actor you prefer. We recommend that you try out different actors for a few weeks to know our variety. We reserve the right to replace an actor in the case of sickness, holiday, etc.
Each week, your video will be uploaded to your private My pro-nounce® account. On Thursday, you will log on, just like you do on Monday, and from there you will be able to download your weekly video.
Absolutely, you own it. But don't stop there. Also load it to your social media accounts and get your message out to your audience!
In your FREE trial week our team will discover what file format best meets your needs. Generally there are only a few different formats that work across a variety of playback platforms: Mac or PC, Pro-presenter, MediaShout, Easy Worship, etc.
Payment can be setup for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ACH transfer, or check. If paying by check, you will be billed on the 15th of each month for the following month's charges, with payment due by the first of that month. If paying by Credit Card or ACH transfer, you will be put on Auto-pay on the first of every month for that month's charges. Your account will be audited each month for any additional production purchased.

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