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How does it work? On you will submit your information to us. You will tell us exactly what you would tell a staff member on your team when producing graphics: What is the event? Who is the event for, what ages? How to sign up or register for the event? What is the location What is the date? What is the cost? Are there any fonts, colors, or specific looks desired? Any best practices we need to be aware of. In addition, you will upload any assets we need (logos, best practices, sizes, etc..

What’s the turn around time?Because producing graphics involves an approval process, we need your requests a minimum of ten days prior to the event. Our team will start on the request in short order and get a rough draft back to you, usually within a few business days. Then we will take your input and change requests for round two and so on until it’s approved.

How does the subscription model work? Pro-nounce® graphics subscriptions work like other subscription services, for instance, your cell phone bill. You will be auto-billed a monthly fee on the first of the month, according to the plan you sign up for. If you do not cancel before ten days prior to the the end of the initial sign up period, you will be auto-billed on a month-to-month basis. Once the month-to-month billing begins, either party can cancel this contract with a written notice ten days prior to the last day of the month. It is your responsibility to use our team to produce your graphics within the month. We will audit your account for overages. You cannot carry over un-produced graphics to the next month.

What counts as a graphic? Each single graphic that we create counts as a graphic. For instance, let’s say you want to support one event with both a vertical poster and a ticket hand out. That counts as two graphics. A front and back brochure would only count as one graphic. For graphics that would include a multiple page document, as in a brochure, please contact us so we can work together on pricing.

Does Pro-nounce® offer a free trial like your video announcements? We do not offer a free trial on our graphics packages.

Our church has multiple locations. How would that work for our needs?  If each location needs its own set of graphics, you will likely need our Unlimited Package.

Special Note for Current pro-nounce® Diamond level clients for video announcements: Please note that if you are currently a pro-nounce® client (or become a client) at our Diamond level of service at $249/week, you are now eligible to produce up to 15 graphics with your package FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST. This is only valid if you submit announcements for 4 weeks in a given month.

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